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Product Management​

CRYO.TAS’ comprehensive and seamless quality management begins with the continuous monitoring of stored products and all necessary test equipment. In this way, the system records exact data on product availability in a given plant and automatically tests specifications in cyclical storage tank analyses. During this process, CRYO.TAS also takes control of availabilities and blocks products whose quality deviates from preset requirements.

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This is essential, in particular in the case of medical gases or products for the food industry. The acceptance test certificates for loadings or batch records for a wide variety of products are archived in the database system as PDFs, with each document and order number clearly identified. Also recorded are object data such as tank levels, production quantities and delivery locations. In addition, a quota management system allows quota management for third-party pickups, for each plant and product group. The user can also freely define minimum quantities in storage tanks. For medical products, CRYO.TAS offers straightforward support for common batch formations, such as a batch tank for the loading of ready-to-use medicinal products. An automatic blocking function protects against unauthorized valve openings, the modification of quality-relevant function parameters, or faulty test equipment. Particularly useful is the option for electronic product release. After a batch analysis in the storage tank, CRYO.TAS informs all responsible persons by e-mail. The next release steps are then carried out via the web interface in a predefined sequence and are logged. Everything is documented in a GMP-compliant manner, including possible OOS results.

Cyclical Tank Check

Storage tanks are checked cyclically for all product qualities assigned to the tank. The cycle is freely adjustable. Specifications that are not met automatically lead to a product block and can therefore not be loaded.

Batch Management

Medical products and those for the food industry are particularly critical. In addition to cyclical monitoring in a continuous storage tank, CRYO.TAS creates product batches and the batch log automatically.

Electronic Product Release

Any number of release steps and responsible persons can be defined in CRYO.TAS for critical products. The approval process by authorized persons (QP) can be carried out independently of time and place. Each step is documented in accordance with GMP.

Product Management Highlights

  • Predefinition of orders (disposition)
  • Control of tank releases
  • Monitoring of product availability
  • Product blending and mixed products
  • Return delivery (fillings in the tank)
  • Specific product specifications and certificates
  • Tank monitoring and product reservation

Quota Management
Made Easy

With a plethora of self-collectors and competitors, it is essential to set clear quotas for the sales volumes. So, what if you could set multiple allotment types for product groups, products or tanks, for self-collectors or competitors, at any of your storage tanks from anywhere, worldwide? CRYO.TAS offers the possibility to define three different quota types for collectors with just a few mouse clicks and monitors them over a fixed test period.

Medical Gases

Information on the electronic 4-eyes principle.
All functions and requirements from the EG-GMP Guide Part I and Part II.

Mixed Products

Information on monitoring the production as well as quality control and recipe management of mixed products

Electronic Product Release

The fast approval process by authorized persons (LH,LQ,QP). Location and time independent.