In Focus

The Analytics Module

Perfection in the monitoring of products & processes

Quality Assurance

The main focus of CRYO.TAS is fully automated analytics, a true benchmark for all-embracing quality assurance. Analysis points of storage tanks, pipelines or other product sources are monitored cyclically and to an unlimited extent. You can freely define what is to be tested, how it is to be tested and how often. As this is an optional system module, existing analyzers can be integrated as part of an upgrade or new ones can be added.

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A web-based user interface (GUI) is used for the central administration of all analyzers across all sites. CRYO.TAS offers extensive test routines and evaluation options provided by the system to simplify further, assistant-controlled configuration. You can freely parameterize an already integrated and extensive object library of common analysis devices and functions. A single measuring gas point can be controlled from any location with just a few clicks; locally, the system switches to the respective gas sampling point. All analysis results are updated in a central database after the purging times have elapsed. The archived results can easily be exported in user-friendly file formats. CRYO.TAS also monitors all test and process gases required for calibrating the analysis equipment for their expiration date, as well as the existing residual gas pressure of the cylinders in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality assurance. Furthermore, users can freely define all test equipment, which the system will even validate. Following a filling process, the analysis system automatically starts new readings for pipelines, storage tanks, batch tanks and vehicles. In case the measurement results are outside a predefined specification, that product’s availability is automatically blocked and all responsible employees are informed about the status. This automatic monitoring eliminates the possibility of abdication errors. Since user roles correspond to an organization that specifies the assignment of rights for individual devices, the device group for medical gases, for example, can be restricted to a qualified group of people. CRYO.TAS generates acceptance test certificates for loadings, batch protocols for the products in the storage tanks or batch certificates for medical and food products resulting from the quality inspection at the various analysis points. Documents are automatically distributed to third parties in PDF format.

Test equipment monitoring

All test gases are mapped in the system. For example, if a test gas has expired, all analyzers that use this test gas and the affected products are blocked.

Adjustment & Validation

CRYO.TAS validates or adjusts analysis devices fully automatically. Either time/date controlled or according to current needs. If a validation run is invalid, an adjustment can be made automatically.

Detailed evaluations

Individual and combinable for each analysis point: An evaluation with error analysis, a product measurement with only one valid measurement cycle, or a defined number of analysis and measurement attempts.

Further highlights of the analysis system

  • Automatic analyzer selection
  • Detection of calibration deviations
  • Calibration gas bottle management
  • Monitoring of analytical devices
  • Monitoring of calibration gases
  • Cyclic tank analysis
  • Batch analysis

The Turnkey System Container​

Optionally, we set up the entire CRYO.TAS IT and analytics before delivery in a fully air-conditioned 20-foot container. This significantly shortens assembly times and later commissioning on the factory premises. Each system container is equipped individually for project requirements and delivered after a successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Basic module analytics

Analysis control data sheet

CRYO.TAS Compact

The ready-made entry-level solution