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Built as a modular and inexpensive system, the expansion of CRYO.TAS is always cost-efficient.

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The web-based management offers access to all integrated plants, system parameters and functions.

for validation

As a service provider, we also offer validation for CRYO.TAS as part of an overall solution.

CRYO.TAS is a scalable and platform-independent overall solution for the gas industry that provides fully automated monitoring and loading of bulk goods. Every facility has its own requirements. CRYO.TAS builds on the existing infrastructure of a plant and ensures all requirements for maximum process reliability and efficiency are met thanks to full automation. The modular system structure allows for extremely cost-effective and scalable solutions. You will always receive a complete turnkey solution, regardless of whether you are upgrading existing plants or planning the construction of new ones. Part of our project planning includes taking the existing hardware into account to keep investment costs as low as possible. Use CRYO.TAS to completely manage your product tank storage and loading operations. You can use the system, for instance, for the automated loading and unloading of LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2, H2 or LNG, as well as for any other products that are loaded and transported in bulk. As a fully comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES), CRYO.TAS is particularly suitable for operations in unmanned plants, as all processes run fully automatically and are monitored from start to finish. Maximizing overall productivity and safety, as well as reducing workload, expenses and risks are always the focus of CRYO.TAS.

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Dr. Christian TillmannAir Liquide Deutschland GmbH
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"Based on our many years of experience, we very highly recommend CRYO.TAS as an integrated supply chain management solution for tank truck loading and analysis. In the future, we are planning to equip further locations in Western Europe with CRYO.TAS as well."
Wolfgang DietrichMesser Group
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"We decided to work with IWB after comparing the concepts of several manufacturers. We have very high demands and CRYO.TAS as a scalable solution has proven to be convincing through and through."

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CRYO.TAS is especially suited for use in unmanned facilities, as all operations are fully automated and monitored seamlessly. Continuous safety and testing systems across multiple functional levels ensure compliance with all safety regulations and loading obligations in accordance with the European regulations on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) and other international regulations. What’s more, CRYO.TAS meets all requirements for validation according to the international standards of GMP and FDA. 

Once configured, your loading processes run fully automatically – on autopilot, so to speak. From the identification of drivers and vehicles to the retrieval of pre-planned loading orders, to providing the required product in the correct loading mode, including the necessary quality monitoring – every single process step is carried out efficiently and completely automatically with CRYO.TAS. This turnkey solution reduces previous loading times by up to 12 percent. With CRYO.TAS, you are in full control of all loading processes at different locations. With CRYO.TAS, you control all loading processes at different locations and gain an overall view of the status of your plants, filter production and quality data or calibrate the technical equipment with a single click.

CRYO.TAS is designed as a freely scalable modular system: The modular structure allows flexible solutions, tailored to your individual requirements. On the one hand, the application can be set up as a complete turnkey system, on the other hand, it is also possible to integrate the modules individually into an already existing overall structure. With additional add-on modules such as the third-party administration of vehicle fleets and trucks or a customer interface for taking orders, you can put together your own customized product according to your wishes. To get started, CRYO.TAS COMPACT and COMPACT MED are available as pre-assembled turnkey systems.

Thanks to the web-based CRYO.TAS software, every user within the company network has access to the system from any location via their Internet connection. Therefore, you do not need to install any special software to use the CRYO.TAS system on your computers. In addition, the program’s open structure allows it to be connected to a wide variety of third-party systems, for example, integration with existing ERP systems via standardized interfaces.

Using CRYO.TAS, you can be sure to meet all international requirements and guidelines for the transport of cryogenic, liquefied gases. The program enables, for example, the complete monitoring of loading obligations according to the European ADR directive for transporting dangerous goods. Additionally, integrated archiving functions of all operations performed, parallel recorded product analyses and calibration data fulfil all requirements for the validation of medical products as well as products for the food industry according to GMP and FDA.

The basic prerequisite for quality assurance is continuous control of the stored and loaded products as well as all the necessary test equipment. With its fully automated analysis system, CRYO.TAS offers extensive test routines and evaluation options. Among these are, for example, the individual definition and management of all test equipment, monitoring and validation of the test gases as well as archiving of analysis and calibration results.

CRYO.TAS fulfils all necessary criteria to generate 3.1 and 3.2 acceptance test certificates according to DIN standards due to its detailed process monitoring steps. As a result of the quality inspection at the various analysis points, the system automatically generates acceptance test certificates. These are available for loadings, batch records of the products in the storage tanks or batch certificates for medical and or food products. CRYO.TAS automatically sends the documents as PDF files to customers or authorization units on request.

Using our add-on for third-party administration, forwarding companies can independently manage the data of their drivers and vehicles in your CRYO.TAS system. Not only does this optimize logistics workflows, but it also reduces your administrative workload. By defining access authorizations, external companies only have access to the data in the system that is required for their purposes.

CRYO.TAS is designed to help you get a quick overview of the status of your loading site and all related administrative data. This solution allows you to manage your customer data, customer tanks, vehicle fleets and trucks with just one click. It also enables you to pre-schedule orders and to keep track of product balances and quotas.

CRYO.TAS guarantees complete process safety for all medical products as well as for any specialty products. For this purpose, the system is equipped with an electronic four-eyes principle, the location-independent electronic release of medical products, an integrated audit trace function as well as the reporting of OOS (Out Of Specification) results in order to ensure this.

A real solution
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Engineering makes all the difference. Because no matter how well a software is programmed, what ultimately matters is the combined effect of all components. As we offer a turnkey solution for fully automated loading, our customers receive more and more with CRYO.TAS – hardware, software and comprehensive services.