Unlimited Scalability

CRYO.TAS always pays off because it is put together exactly for the current requirements of a location. This ensures that the step towards automation pays off even for smaller branches with fewer loads. Due to the object-based architecture, CRYO.TAS can be expanded at any time with growing requirements and is therefore future-proof.

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CRYO.TAS is always the most cost-effective solution because it is tailored to meet the exact requirements of a particular site. This means that even for smaller sites with only a few loadings, the step towards automation will prove to be worthwhile. The object-based architecture has the advantage that CRYO.TAS can be easily adapted to meet growing requirements and is therefore sustainable in the future. As a scalable overall solution, CRYO.TAS is designed like a modular system consisting of required hardware components and function-dependent software modules. The system is offered on a turnkey basis, including preliminary planning and engineering, and even optional validation. It is always adapted to the latest requirements in terms of functionality and legal regulations in connection with loading processes, including the possibility of expanding the system in the future. Drawing on decades of engineering expertise, IWB offers a single-source solution for all components, saving the customer planning effort and guaranteeing a smooth project flow. IWB incorporates the dedicated know-how and additional services of competent solution partners in the areas of analytics, process control and validation. The CRYO.TAS software design is object-oriented to meet all scalability requirements. For this reason, switching to automation is also profitable for smaller sites with only a few loadings. Future-proof and investment-proof, new system modules of a site can also be easily installed at a later point in time, and the range of functions can be expanded to meet any new requirements. Maximum efficiency and sustainability are our guiding principles. Through the use of a programmable logic controller (PLC), we ensure the greatest possible compatibility for the integration of existing systems. As the general contractor, IWB performs assessments of the sites to be upgraded at the beginning of each project, analyzing IT, inventory, tank storage, filling stations, weighing and access control. In this way, components that are functional and do not require an upgrade are included in the overall planning of CRYO.TAS in a budget-friendly manner. Thus, not only are investments that have already been made protected but the environment is also taken into consideration. Alternatively, new hardware components can be provided by either the customer or as an option by IWB in a manufacturer-neutral manner. The latter option is standard procedure when new turnkey projects are planned. There are no limits to the use of CRYO.TAS, neither geographically nor in terms of bulk products. For instance, various sites can be combined into a production cluster with a central server structure. In a client-server setup, sites run completely autonomously, and data is collected and replicated practically in real-time. CRYO.TAS as a fully flexible solution offers all general requirements for fully automated and unmanned operations regardless of whether air gases, CO2, hydrogen (H2), or down-cooled and liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are to be loaded in a quality-assured manner. The standardized and company-wide solution guarantees maximum process safety and cost-efficiency.

Freely combinable modules

All add-ons are independent of the base modules and freely combinable.

The Modules in Detail

6 Basic modules

6 Add-ons

1 Standard

flexible Scalability
modular principle
for all bulk products

for the gas industry

CRYO.TAS is an object-oriented Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It creates the connection between any ERP or dispatching system and the control system (SCADA) of a company. CRYO.TAS uses the universal interfaces of a programmable logic controller (PLC) to integrate any type and number of field devices.

Our partners - Expertise from a single source!

CRYO.TAS is a complete turnkey solution in collaboration with industry-leading partner companies.
The general contractor is IWB – Engineering Office Wolfgang Bauer

As a Siemens solution partner, Leitek offers an experienced team of experts made up of engineers, computer scientists, programmers and electricians and is equipped with all the certifications and skills that are standard on the market. In the production facility in Schwerin (MV), Leitek is prepared for the individual requirements of our customers on more than 1,200 m² of development and production space with the most modern equipment. Over the last 20 years, Leitek has built up expertise in numerous industrial and service sectors, with a focus on the energy and gas sector, the maritime industry and the food sector.

For almost 40 years now, CGS has been supplying analysis systems and components for continuous process analysis in a wide variety of applications. More than 120 employees work on a production area of ​​approx. 4000 m². CGS offers a comprehensive range of services in process analysis.
From the individual components in the processing technology to the fully assembled and installed analysis container for online analysis. Satisfied customers from a wide variety of sectors such as power plants, plant construction, chemicals, refineries, automobile and gas manufacturers confirm this.

Founded in 1990, UNISENSOR Sensorsysteme GmbH is a family-run, innovative high-tech company in the field of process analysis of gases, liquids and solids. UNISENSOR’s product portfolio includes worldwide patented systems for the recycling, beverage, gas and printing industries as well as for the field of energy technology. A highly qualified team develops, in close cooperation with business and technical universities, groundbreaking technical solutions and products that are used worldwide and set new standards in process technology.

Master System Standardization

For any number of sites you wish to combine in a production cluster, or any type of bulk products to be loaded – CRYO.TAS is the solution to set standards cost-effectively and with maximum process reliability.

Master System Standardization

For any number of sites you wish to combine in a production cluster, or any type of bulk products to be loaded – CRYO.TAS is the solution to set standards cost-effectively and with maximum process reliability.